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Healthy Eating Tips
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Healthy Eating Tips
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Alexa Fishback's 12 Healthy Habits

Alexa Fishback's 12 Healthy Habits

Who couldn't use a little outside help when it comes to eating right? Part of the grand prize of our Get Fit For 2010 community group and contest is a year of personalized nutrition plans by nutritionist Alexa Fishback, as well as a copy of her book The Daily Fix. Here are the 12 healthy habits Alexa recommends to make healthy living easier. The habits are organized to guide you throughout the day from your morning caffeine fix to bedtime, with a few general habits that are important for any time of day. Here they are:

1. Guiltless and Enjoyable Morning Drink

2. Breakfast on Protein and Fiber

3. Don't Forget to Snack Twice a Day

4. Lunch on High Fiber and Lean Protein

5. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth Daily

6. Enjoy Your One Daily Alcoholic Drink

To see the final six healthy habits,


7. Use Meals Out as a Chance to Eat Fish

8. Make Dinner at Home Once a Week

9. Get a Good Night's Sleep

10. Move Every Day: Walk and Exercise

11. Drink Plenty of Water

12. Stay Healthy on the Road

Alexa expands on these ideas and offers so many other pieces of helpful and healthful advice in her book The Daily Fix: Your Guide to Healthy Habits For Good Nutrition. I found her book not only fun to read, but also easy to put to use. Don't forget to write a food journal blog post for a chance to win our weekly prize — a $100 Nike gift card. Every blog post enters you to win a personalized nutrition plan from Alexa and other fabulous prizes.

So, which of these new healthy habits will you adopt?

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Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 7 years
1. I drink my caffeine SANS guilt! 2. My breakfast is ALL PROTEIN & FIBER: Eggs & Pureed Pumpkin! 3. My snacks if I need them are veggies! 4. Lots of protein at lunch! 5. I chew sugarless gum for my "sweet" fix 6. I don't drink but I do take resveratol 7. I don't need to go out to eat fish, I eat it every day when I make myself meals! 8. I pretty much make my dinner every single night 9. I go to sleep by 11 every night! 10. I exercise every single day - 101 minutes or more! :) 11. I drink LOADS of water!! 12. When I travel I ALWAYS plan in advance, bring my own foods, etc!
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