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Alicia Silverstone's Tips For Leftovers

Alicia Silverstone's Kind Diet Tips For Quick Meals and Leftovers

Thanks to Thanksgiving, my refrigerator runneth over. While pondering what to freeze and what to remix into this week's meals, I remembered Alicia Silverstone's Kind Diet includes a section on streamlining meal time and revitalizing leftovers. A second read of the book revealed some smart tips for holidays. Here's what Alicia advises:

  • Always make extra grain and beans — enough for a couple of days. You can use this food as the base for the next few meals, adding vegetables and other extras to round out meals.
  • For a quick dinner, start with a salad as your base. Just add yummy leftovers like rice, beans, and seeds, or even a potato or tempeh . . . whichever you have around the kitchen that sounds good to you. Get creative. Throw in raisins. Go crazy!

Keep reading for more tips.

  • Wrapping leftovers in nori is perfect for eating on the fly or on a road trip. If you have food that you're not excited about but don't have the energy to turn into something amazing, just wrap it in nori and it gets a complete makeover.
  • Soups are great for quick meals because you can empty the fridge into a leftover soup! Start with water or a good vegetable stock, then add grain or sweet potatoes or beans and any vegetables you haven't gotten around to using. Eat with a slice of toast. Quick, yummy, and satisfying.

Do you have a tip for turning leftovers into healthy meals? Share it in comments or in the Healthy Eating group in our community. Your tip could be featured on FitSugar.

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Layla88 Layla88 6 years
If I have a small amount from a dish leftover, for example, a mince beef dish or something..I just do a stir fry with it adding various vegetables and maybe new spices and it becomes mainly a vegetable dish with bits of mince to keep it interesting, then heat up leftover rice or have it with nachos! :P
guavajelly guavajelly 6 years
I often use left over veg to make nori rolls and improv salads meals. I really want this book, then again I want every book. Another great tip is using over ripe/left over fruit to make fruit sauces or purees. Like pear and strawberry sauce as apose to the familiar applesauce.
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