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Alicia Vikander Ab Workout

Alicia Vikander's Trainer Tells Us Exactly How She Earned Her Tomb Raider Washboard Abs

Academy Award-winner Alicia Vikander has been known over the last few years as a tremendous actress who can play a wide range of characters. The role we're most excited to see her take on, though, is Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, which is set to release on March 16.

It's no secret that Alicia looks positively ripped in the Tomb Raider trailer, and it's because she spent seven consecutive months working with celebrity trainer and wellness expert Magnus Lygdback, who helped her gain a whopping 12 pounds of muscle. They did a ton of weightlifting and functional training for seven months, five to seven days a week. Needless to say, all that hard work paid off.

One part of Alicia's body that got a particularly, er, noticeable transformation was her abs. ICYMI, Alicia was rocking not a six-pack while playing Lara Croft, but an eight-pack. We begged Magnus to give us the inside scoop on how she sculpted her core. Not surprisingly, he spends quite a bit of time doing ab workouts with clients like Alicia.

"I also did Tarzan with Alexander Skarsgard, and he had an eight-pack as well," Magnus told POPSUGAR. "I have a specific way of working the core. I divide the core into three different days, and I approach the core differently every day."

One day is all about "dynamic, static, or isometric abs," like planks or leg raises. He then does "one day with rotational stuff, working the obliques." A great example of this is the wood-chop exercise. Finally, Magnus spends one day doing straight-up strength exercises for the abdominis, which could be something like hanging leg raises.

Magnus is quick to point out, though, that his program is never exactly the same for each client. "It depends on you and where you are, and if you've got any issues with the back," he explained. So it's all about finding exercises that are right for you and your abilities.

Need some inspiration? Check out these killer ab moves. Do them three times a week and you just might see abs like Alicia's!

See the trailer for Tomb Raider below.

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