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All That Fluff and Your Seasonal Allergies

You might have noticed some puffy, fluffy, white stuff floating through the air and lying on the grass? You might have looked at it and anticipated your allergies going haywire. But here's the good news - it's NOT pollen. These fluffs are the seeds of Aspen trees and each piece of fluff contains a little seed. The wind carries the fluffs, dispersing the seed in a similar fashion to dandelions.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you now know Aspen fluff is harmless. The pollen that aggravates you, is very tiny - it has to be in order for you to breathe it in through your nose, and those pieces of fluff are definitely too big for that.

Interested in knowing the current allergy levels in your area? Then

Check out the website. You can even sign up to have "Allergy Alert Emails" sent to you with daily 2-day forecasts if the allergy conditions in your area reach moderate levels. This is great to help manage your allergy symptoms.

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