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Alternative Baking Company

Are you a cookie lover? Then have I got a cookie for you. If you haven't yet, you've got to try the cookies made by Alternative Baking Company, Inc.

All their cookies are vegan, which means they are made without eggs, honey, milk, or butter - but I tell you, you wouldn't know it unless I told you. Since the cookies contain no animal products, they are also cholesterol free. Even though it is a vegan cookie, it is still a cookie with fat and a considerable amount of calories.

Alternative Baking Company uses no artificial ingredients, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, or preservatives. The cookies are made with organic wheat flour, but they also make wheat free cookies using organic barley flour.

Check out the multitude of flavors: Explosive Espresso Chip, Peanut Butter Persuasion, Phenomenal Pumpkin Spike, and Outrageous Oatmeal Raisin. My two favorites happen to be wheat free - Mac the Chip (made with chocolate chips and whole macadamia nuts) and Snickerdoodle (delightfully cinnamon flavored).

Want to see the nutritional breakdown for one of these cookies? Then

Serving Size 1/2 a cookie
Calories 250
Total Fat 10g
Saturated Fat 4g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 200mg
Carbs 35g
Fiber 3g
Sugar 20g
Protein 4g

So really it is the breakdown for 1/2 a cookie!!! The Alternative Baking Company has faith in you that you can eat just half a cookie. These cookies will satisfy your sweet cravings and they are made with ingredients you trust and have heard of (unlike other cookies).

Fit's Tips: Look for them at your favorite health food store. Can't find them? You can order them directly from the Alternative Baking Company website.

Mollykins Mollykins 10 years
Few more calories than i'd like but sounds good. (: Im a vegetarian and for the past few years ive been trying to go vegan, this will definately help my cookie caving.
mrssmp2003 mrssmp2003 10 years
These cookies are very good, I have several favorites. My brother in law is a vegan so I turned him on to these and he loved them.
mollipop mollipop 10 years
This is one of my favorite brands of cookies. I think the pumpkin spice flavor is the best! I always cut one of these cookies into 4 pieces and eat only one piece at a time, so it's not such a big calorie load. I'm better off eating a piece of this than any of those 100 calorie pack snacks, which I'd binge on b/c I think it's low cal.
marygrace marygrace 10 years
when i first became vegan, my boyfriend and i would often bring one of these cookies to a coffee shop and split it. (we bought coffee at the coffee shop, but i wanted something more! if there had been vegan baked goods being sold in the cafe, i would have got one there). anyway, they are good, but quite caloric, and really no better tasting than any homemade vegan cookie, once you get the hang of baking without eggs or dairy (which is quite easy!) so i don't buy these, or any other kind of premade vegan cookies anymore. i suppose they would be nice for someone making the initial transition into veganism though, who has little experience with vegan baking.
vogue92 vogue92 10 years
Ohh I have had theses before and really liked them. I wish they made single serving sized cookies. They are too big with too many calories!
mireille mireille 10 years
They're huuuuuge and thick, which kind of helps me forgive some of the calories, but these are the most delicious cookies ever. Too rich to eat in one sitting.
lilgrasshopper lilgrasshopper 10 years
I used to eat these too. My favorite is the one with carob chips. I would still eat them if it weren't for the calories.
vegan-musician vegan-musician 10 years
i wish i could like these, but i just don't. too thick and chewy for me. i like to bake my own :-) ps - orangeflowers- the tapioca and potato are used as egg replacers
wiggle wiggle 10 years
I used to eat these thinking they were "healthy" since they were vegan and then i read the back and was shocked. they are tasty but they are a cookies after all and big ones too.
lovekailua lovekailua 10 years
i absolutely love these cookies!!! of course to only have once in awhile but they sre so delicious and my fav is the macademia nut, choc chip and coconut one.
Kaciegrrl Kaciegrrl 10 years
Sounds yummy, but for that many calories, I'll get a Subway chocolate chip cookie!
orangeflowers orangeflowers 10 years
i believe its the natural tapioca and potato starches that gives the cookie SO many calories..
christie christie 10 years
I tried one and while it was good, it was just way too many calories to become a regular part of my diet.
AMP AMP 10 years
Way too many calories, I'll pass.
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