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Am I Going Bald?

Are you worried about how much hair you "shed" everyday? Don't stress. Everyone loses between 40 and 120 strands a day. People with fine hair tend to have more of it and therefore will lose more than their thicker-haired sisters.

What makes it fall out?

  • Your hair has a growth cycle (as if one cycle wasn't enough). Most of your hairs are on the same cycle, so that's why sometimes you feel like you're losing a lot, and other times you don't.
  • Poor diet can also be a cause. Get your iron levels checked. Take supplements or eat iron rich foods like oysters, beans, baked potatoes with the skin or Cream of Wheat.
  • Pregnancy can cause hair loss. Also going on and off the pill.
  • Certain meds can affect your hair too, so talk to your doctor if you think you're losing more than the normal amount.
Beaner Beaner 10 years
Stress made my college friend's hair turn grey.
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
Moni, does that happen a lot? Bald SPOTS can be caused by alopecia areata. Some people get alopecia (baldness) all over their bodies, where some get this form. My brother has it and sometimes (stress and diet are major factors) he'll get little bald spots on his head, like the size of a walnut. The hair starts growing back after he starts eating right again - but he had to shave his head for his wedding. Not trying to freak you out - even Strep can cause bald spots - but if it happens a lot, I'd watch your diet and get to the doc.
boredatwork boredatwork 10 years
My hair has been falling out for this past weird that you decide to post this. Seems like the more it falls out, the more I see about it. Anyway, what's the chance of stress being the major factor? I'd been planning a destination wedding, (just got married Nov 2), moving, worrying about losing 40 lbs for the wedding and just normal life things tend to wear on me more than they should. I've lost about half my hair. I had a lot to start, but it's fine so it's starting to look least to me. Anyway, I have an appointment next week with my Dr. Iron is the other major candidate.
Moni-B Moni-B 10 years
At the beginning of the summer after my sophomore year of highschool I had a bald spot on the top of my head. It was the worst, especially since I only noticed it the day of my sister's wedding after getting my hair styled. ~M~
Fitness Fitness 10 years
Seriously. You are normal. Pregnancy does a lot to your body, especially to your hair. Your body is working so hard to give everything it can to your baby (during pregnancy and after). Check this out... It says "The most common period of hair loss occurs approximately 3 months after delivery. The rise in hormones during pregnancy keeps you from losing your hair. After delivery, the hormones return to normal levels, which allows the hair to fall out and return to the normal cycle. The normal hair loss that was delayed during pregnancy may fall out all at once." Well there you have it.
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
After I gave birth, my hair was coming out almost in chunks. I had to clean out my brush every time I brushed my hair. Then I had to old ladies at my work telling me "That's not normal, your hair shouldn't be falling out!" Yeah, cuz you remember EVERY detail from 30 years ago???
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