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Amazing Grass Belly Elixir Smoothie

The 1 Ingredient I Add to My Smoothie Every Morning to Poop Like a Champion

I'm a complete bore when it comes to my smoothie routine. I put the same four things into my blender without fail: almond milk, Garden of Life Sport protein powder, hemp seeds, and spinach. A few weeks ago, though, I started adding a new ingredient to my morning shake, and it's made a big difference in how often I go to the bathroom.

My pooping schedule isn't always that regular. I've wrestled with some serious digestive issues in the past, which is one of the reasons I went vegan, so I'm always looking to add foods to my diet that will help me poop more often. Since I started putting a scoop of Belly Elixir from Amazing Greens ($28) into my smoothie every morning three weeks ago, I've been going to the bathroom at 10 a.m. every single day, like clockwork.

I'm not usually into elixirs or adaptogens, but this particular product is jam-packed with fermented greens, stress-reducing adaptogenic herbs, and one billion CFU (colony forming units) probiotics. It's also plant-based, non-GMO, and only 30 calories a serving. The Belly Elixir claims to give you a healthier gut, which equals more regular bowel movements, but I was skeptical at first.

Within the first week, though, I could tell that my poops were coming more frequently, and they were coming more easily. Besides, it can be hard to get in all the required servings of vegetables every single day, so I'm happy knowing that I have a solid serving of greens under my belt with my very first meal of the day.

Surprisingly, the taste of this Belly Elixir left me with nothing to complain about (I usually despise green powders, no matter how healthy they are). I actually fell in love with the subtle green flavor, and it goes perfectly with my chocolate protein powder. It certainly has become a smoothie staple for me, and I don't think I could live without it . . . because you can't get a solid day of work done if you haven't pooped properly.

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