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America's Best Bike Cities

And the Best Place to Ride Your Bike Is . . .

Ever since the sun made an appearance, I feel like I'm centering my life around my bike. I spent the entire weekend biking, even refusing to go anywhere that wasn't bike-friendly or accessible by pedal power. Luckily I live in San Francisco, which Bicycling magazine ranks as the sixth bike-friendliest city in America. I have to agree that the abundance of bike lanes and the bike racks on public transportation make it a pretty sweet city to live in. Sitting on top of the list is Minneapolis, cited for its "120 miles of on- and off-street bicycle facilities, plus indoor bike parking."

To come up with its ranking, the editors of Bicycling looked at things like segregated bike lanes, municipal bike racks, bike boulevards, great bike shops, and having a supportive community. They also only considered cities that had populations of 100,000 or more, and strove for geographical diversity.

Here's the top 10; check out Bicycling to see if your city made it somewhere onto the top 50.

  1. Minneapolis, MN
  2. Portland, OR
  3. Boulder, CO
  4. Seattle, WA
  5. Eugene, OR
  6. San Francisco, CA
  7. Madison, WI
  8. New York, NY
  9. Tucson, AZ
  10. Chicago, IL
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 7 years
Ugh! The bikers in Boulder are obnoxious!!!!!!! They pop out of no where and every day I am THIS CLOSE to hitting one or two with my car!!! There are so many biker/people/skateboarder collisions on campus it's ridiculous!
wheindl wheindl 7 years
Philly ranks 27th... let me put in a good word for my hometown (where I commute by bike). Not only is there a great network of bike lanes, and off-road trails (paved and unpaved), but those trails will take you to some great destinations, such as the Valley Green Inn (on unpaved Forbidden Drive in the Wissahickon gorge).
Geminispoppy Geminispoppy 7 years
I live in SF, and while the buses and BART allow bikes, i don't consider the streets biker friendly. Plus all the hills!
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I used to live in Madison and it was awesome! Now I live in Oshkosh where the roads are decidedly less biker-friendly. Madison has a lot of bike lanes and bike paths that make bike commuting very easy.
fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
Love me my Minneapolis! Tons of beautiful lakes to ride and walk around as well!
lovelie lovelie 7 years
Go Madison!! I can certainly vouch for it's place on this list.
cupcakers cupcakers 7 years
Yes Minneapolis is great for bike riding! Went to college there, miss my city :)
mandaleebee mandaleebee 7 years
Arlington is #30! I LOVE how bike-friendly my city is. Trails go on forever and it's so easy to get around. DC also made it!
Merlin713 Merlin713 7 years
Really? Minneapolis? I'm shocked. My state never makes it on these lists...let alone to the top!
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