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American States Ranked by Stress Level

The Geography of Stress in the USA

The state that created the concept of hanging loose is unsurprisingly the least stressed-out state in the union. According to a CDC phone survey, involving 2.4 million Americans, fewer Hawaiians experience "frequent mental distress" than anywhere else in the US.

Participants were asked the total days, out of the previous 30, they would describe their mental health as being "not good." The term mental health includes stress, depression, and emotional problems. If they answered 14 days, participants were classified as having "frequent mental distress." According to the survey, only 6.6 percent of the folks living in the island state were considered frequently stressed, followed closely by South Dakotans — where only 6.7 percent of respondents reported experiencing two weeks of not-so-good mental health days.

Learn how stressed your state is when you


Here's the ranking of states according to the percentage of adults experiencing frequent mental distress, and states that "tied" with the same percentage are listed together.

1. Hawaii: 6.6%
2. South Dakota: 6.7%
3. Washington DC: 7.4%
4. Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota: 7.5%
5. Arizona: 7.6%
6. Iowa and Montana: 7.7%
7. Illinois: 7.9%
8. Connecticut: 8%
9. Wisconsin: 8.1%
10. Minnesota: 8.2%
11. North Carolina: 8.4%
12. Alaska, Maryland, Vermont: 8.5%
13. Ohio, Wyoming: 8.6%
14. New Jersey: 8.7%
15. New Hampshire, Oklahoma: 8.8%
16. Maine, Virginia: 9%
17. Washington: 9.2%
18. Colorado, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, South Carolina: 9.3%
19. Idaho, Tennessee: 9.4%
20. Massachusetts, Georgia, Utah: 9.5%
21. New York: 9.6%
22. New Mexico, Rhode Island, Texas: 9.7%
23. Delaware: 9.8%
24. Missouri: 9.9%
25. Oregon: 10%
26. Arkansas, Florida, California: 10.1%
27. Indiana: 10.3%
28. Michigan: 10.5%
29. Alabama, Mississippi: 10.8%
30. Nevada: 10.9%
31. West Virginia: 11.2%
32. Kentucky: 14.4%

I find it sad to see that so many of the residents of my golden state are frequently stressed. How did your state fare in the survey?


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