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How Well Do You Know Your Numbers?

Being healthy can be a game of numbers: calorie intake, weight loss and gain, and minutes spent on the treadmill. To get the best results from our healthy habits, we need to know how much time we should be spending on them.

When it comes to things like oral hygiene, working out, and washing your hands, do you know how much is enough? Take my quiz to find out. . .

How Well Do You Know Your Numbers?

How many times a day should you brush your teeth?

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julea julea 7 years
huh, I only got one right. I guess I'm not getting enough sleep OR exercise. lol.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 7 years
I'mn surprised that brushing more than twice is detrimental. I almost always brush three times a day and my dentist always comments on how little plaque i have. Hm something to consider.
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