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Anatomy of a Bike

Biking, unlike running, is a gear heavy sport, and with all that gear comes special biking lingo. Let's start with some terms on the most basic piece of cycling gear, the bike.

To learn the terms,


  • Cassette: The set of gears on the rear wheel hub, which ultimately determine how many gears a bike has. The cassette is usually made up of seven to nine gears.
  • Chainrings: The gearing at the pedals, usually consisting of two or three sets of gears, which is part of the bicycle drive train. The drive train converts your pedaling into the rotational motion to drive the chain, which creates motion in the rear wheel.
  • Drop handlebars: Conventionally used on road bikes, this style of handlebars provides alternate hand positions alleviating wrist pain on long rides.
  • Saddle: This is essentially the seat of the bike, but saddles are not intended to support the entire weight of the cyclist, which means you must be working your core while riding.
  • Tire: Mostly made of rubber with a tread, the tire encases the "inner tube."
  • Tube: The inner tube of air that goes inside the tire that is like a circular balloon but with a valve.
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runningesq runningesq 7 years
I just bought a new tri bike -- a felt S32 ... she's absolutely beautiful and I love love love her :)
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