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Andrea Orbeck 45-Minute Strength-Training Workout

It's Worth It: 45 Minutes to a Red-Carpet Ready Physique

Prepping for a big event and need to jump-start your quest to a killer body? Try this circuit strength-training workout from trainer Andrea Orbeck (see her work on the red carpet and runways around the world in the form of celebs like Heidi Klum and Victoria's Secret models). The 45-minute workout will keep your heart rate up and kick your butt — and the rest of your body — at the same time. You may be begging for it to be over, but the results are worth it; this circuit is "designed for a long, lean, and toned physique," Andrea says.

Do 20 reps of each move, followed by one minute of its paired cardio. Repeat three to four times.

(20 reps each)
Squats holding 5-pound weights. One minute of jumping jacks
Reverse lunges holding 5 pounds in each hand. Step-ups, 30 seconds on each leg
Sit-ups One minute of burpees
Overhead presses with 5- to 7-pound weights. Jumps from first position (heels touching, toes turned out) to second position (legs apart, toes turned out) for one minute
Deadlifts Mountain climbers for one minute
Bicep curls with 7.5 to 8.5-pound weights Lateral jumps for one minute
Triceps extensions Jump rope for one minute
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