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Angelina Jolie: Why Such Veiny Arms?

Angelina is always in the media spotlight for one reason or another. What is it this week?

Her veiny arms. Yup, and the Daily Mail is reporting that her workout routine may be the culprit.

That sounds about right as bulging veins can be caused by weight-bearing exercises. This bulging vein process, known as filtration, causes a swelling and hardening of the muscle that is noticed during exercise. As a result of this swelling, the veins are pushed toward the skin surface and appear to bulge. These veins are more visible in persons with less fat, like Angelina. This bulging has been found to be neither good nor bad but simply a result of some bodies normal way function when working out.

If you don't have a lot of body fat and do a lot of exercise (like Angelina claims) then the fat gets stripped away and the veins become exposed. Think about all the veiny body builders out there – same concept.

So no big reason to worry, just not so pretty on such an amazing woman!


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