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Annoying Things People Do on the Treadmill

If you're not into being drenched in sweat after two minutes of stepping out in the hot Summer sun for a run, then I don't blame you for hitting up the treadmill at the air-conditioned gym. You may be avoiding humidity, bugs, and crazy heat, but stepping onto that moving belt at your local workout hot spot can mean a whole new slew of annoyances in the form of your fellow gym goers.

  • Listening to music loudly: Yes, I am a fan of Kanye West's "Stronger," but believe it or not, I don't want to hear it 12 times in a row, and I definitely don't want to hear you singing it. Be respectful and turn your music down so the rest of us can enjoy what we want to hear.
  • Looking at my readout: Didn't you learn the major rule in high school: eyes on your own paper! It's insanely rude to glance over and check out my stats, especially when I'm typing in my weight.
  • Talking on the phone: It really sounds like you and your girlfriend are having a grand old time reliving your sister's bachelorette party, but guess what? None of us care. Save the loud and giggly conversations for post-workout, please.
  • Leaving used tissues in the cup holder: Incredibly gross and a good way to pass germs; just don't do it.

Keep reading for more annoying things people do on the treadmill.

  • Not cleaning the machine: I'm not the gym police, but I am watching how you halfheartedly wipe down the machine and skip cleaning the readout.
  • Stomping: Not only do I hear your knees screaming for help, but your pounding the belt with every step is so powerful, you're vibrating my machine two treadmills down. It's tough to focus on my pace when yours is thumping in my brain.
  • Hovering near my treadmill, waiting for me to be done: I'm sorry, but last I checked I'm allowed to use the treadmill for 30 minutes, and I have two minutes left, so back off. Hovering like a vulture will not make me get off faster.
  • Flirting: Even if you're cute and I'm available, I'm slightly flattered, but more annoyed. Can't you find a better time to ask if I come here often? I'm supersweaty, red-faced, and huffing and puffing so much from my sprinting intervals that I can't even answer you.
  • Hogging the treadmill: It's 5:30, there are nine people in line to use the treadmills, and you have definitely exceeded your time limit. Don't make me tell on you, because I will.
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