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Aquamantra Water Bottles

Aquamantra: Inspirational or a Waste of Plastic?

The repetition of many forms of cardio can make them a form of physical meditation. Following your breath, repeating a mantra or a simple affirmation can help you achieve a sense of calmness and clarity – for some this is the main reason to exercise. So, are you looking for an affirmation? Well you may need to look no further than your hand. I just came across Aquamantra bottled water.

Aquamantra labels feature messages such as "I Am Healthy," "I Am Loved" or "I Am Lucky." This company seems to think that these kinds of thoughts will permeate positive energy into the bottle and the water, influencing the taste and beneficial properties of the water. Hmmm. Sounds beyond "woo-woo" to me.

It's a sweet idea, really, since it reminds people to focus on being optimistic. Aside from the hokey factor, I wouldn't buy this water because I prefer reusable bottles for the environment. Plus I think I can remember my mantra without having to read it off my water.

What do you guys think? Would you buy inspiration on or in a bottle?

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