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Healthy Eating Tips
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Artificial Sweeteners Not So Sweet for Your Health

A while back, I told you the odd news that diet soda can make you fat. Nine months ago, the researchers did not know why there was a connection between pounds gained and diet soda consumed. Now new research indicates the cause is that your gut can't tell the difference between real sugar and artificial sweetener. Our intestines actually have taste receptors for the sweetness of glucose. Artificial sweeteners are engineered so well that they trigger the same taste receptors in the small intestine that glucose does, releasing hormones that absorb sugar into the bloodstream as well as regulate appetite and insulin production. Read more about the study in our Gut Has Taste Receptors: Mount Sinai Researchers Identify Link to Obesity and Diabetes.

So you might skip the next best thing to sugar and go for the sugar itself. In moderation; of course.


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