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Ashtanga for Type A Personalities

If you are a Type A person, someone who can't sit still, or if you are slightly (or completely) ADD, you've got to try Ashtanga Yoga. It's fast paced and follows the same sequence every class, no joke, so you always know what's coming next.

The room is heated (not as brutally hot as Bikram), so your body feels more open and motivated to move. The mats are set up in neat little rows, kind of like your first grade class. The instructor walks around, talks you through each pose, counts the breaths, and assists. Everyone is pretty much moving and breathing at the same time. The energy of the group is really motivating, which is why I prefer going to class instead of practicing on my cold floor solo style.

Fit's tip: Since the instructor isn't demonstrating, you'll have to play "Simon Says" and follow your expert neighbor. Or look for a Beginner class at your local studio or gym. After you've taken a few Ashtanga classes, you'll have it down (dog?)

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Fitness Fitness 10 years
You've got to try it. It's more like a dance. And because you're always moving, you're heating your body from the inside out, not the other way around like in Bikram. Instead of doing poses one after the other, in Ashtanga they're linked by a vinyasa - it's like a mini sun salutation. It works your entire body. It's amazing.
redsugar redsugar 10 years
I've never done Ashtanga, but I love, love, love Bikram. Maybe Ashtanga would be a nice change of pace every once in awhile.
DStirk DStirk 10 years
i love doing ashtaunga... i was super sore after my first attempt
kevindineen kevindineen 10 years
Astanga is a great workout. Lots of people think that Yoga is all about flowers, meditation & insence... but not astanga. You SWEAT! Bring a towel, & think about investing in a rug. Those mats can get slippery.
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