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Athlete's Foot: Keep it Off Your Feet

Athlete's Foot: Keep it Off Your Feet

Ever since high school when we were forced to take freshmen swimming, I have been mortified of getting athlete's foot. It seemed that someone in the locker room always had it, making showering one frightening experience.

Nowadays I wear rubber flip-flops when I use the shower at my gym. Mainly out of fear but sometimes I wonder: Can the fungus permeate my thongs?

I have since found out that my fear is somewhat invalid. The fungus that causes athlete's foot lives (and thrives) in warm, moist places, making public showers picture perfect breeding grounds for the germ. Wearing flip-flops decreases your risk (phew), but it's also very important to wash your feet with soap. Once you wash your feet make sure to dry between your toes immediately after your shower so there are no warm, moist places for the fungus to live when you put your shoes on. Wear flip-flops every time you shower in a public place and be sure to wash and dry them off too. However should you get the infamous athlete's foot, it is not the end of the world since most drugstore treatments get rid of it pretty quickly.

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