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Au Bon Pain Is Healthy Fast Food Fare

Stamp of Approval: Au Bon Pain

Look, it's not surprise that I am not the biggest fan of fast food restaurants. However, I do know that sometimes you just have to eat there so I am always on the hunt for healthier fast food joints and Au Bon Pain gets my stamp of approval.

Au Bon Pain provides Nutrition Kiosks, which allow guests to plan their meals before ordering them. You can sort the menu by a specific nutritional requirement (high fiber, high protein, low carb, low fat, low calories, etc.). They also launched Kids Nutrition Kiosk in their suburban and hospital locations. The children's version includes interactive games intended to teach the basics of making healthy meal choices. What's more? They've moved to using preservative-free chicken and they've recently introduced a new product line called Portions — a line of 14 dishes made fresh daily, packaged individually and with 200 or less calories per dish. And to bring it home, all products at Au Bon Pain have zero grams trans fat.

So next time you're going for fast food, you may want to think about stopping at Au Bon Pain. They have made every effort to help you become aware of the healthy choices they offer, all you have to do is choose them.

Join The Conversation
Stacey-Cakes Stacey-Cakes 9 years
I adore ABP! One of my college roommates worked there and got to bring home breads and pastries at the end of the night (not that healthy menu options, but delicious). I also love their soups and salads!
gabiushka gabiushka 9 years
I'll remember next time i need to grab something while out.
cvandoorn cvandoorn 9 years
I've never heard of them
nancita nancita 9 years
Cool! I miss eating here, but I used to love it when I lived in Boston. I wish more restaurants had kiosks like that.
marcella marcella 9 years
I love their soups and oatmeal. Plus, they carry Harney and Sons teas. Gotta love that!
ikimashokie ikimashokie 9 years
We don't have a nutrition kiosk at the ABP on our campus. Last I checked, the school directs us to their website for nutritional info, and a lot of the time school ABP will serve things that aren't on the website.
linb linb 9 years
Never even heard of this place until I read this article yesterday:
bellaressa bellaressa 9 years
I love them but I stopped eating out at the beginning of this month.
millarci millarci 9 years
Aw I miss Au Bon Pain. I don't have one near me anymore!
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