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Avocado Buns

This Avocado “Sandwich” Bun Is Every Vegan’s Dream

There's no such thing as too many ways to use an avocado — and the latest internet trend is proof. A popular food blogger posted her take on a cheeseburger to Instagram and it predictably went viral . . . since she uses an avocado as the bun. Even better, she supplied two recipes. The first recipe (photo below) is vegan: it includes everyone's favorite vegan alternate, Aquafaba, as mayo, a chickpea burger, and tomatoes. You can obviously substitute your vegetarian burger of choice, however. Her second recipe (photo above) looks just as delicious, but is not vegan: a cheeseburger with all the fixings. We'll admit, we're not quite sure how to eat this, but we're definitely up for the challenge.

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