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Avoid Wrist Pain at the Gym

Keep Your Wrists Healthy and Happy at the Gym

Typing can cause an inordinate amount of stress on the hands and wrists, but your workout habits can also cause damage and severe pain. It's important to be conscious of what you might be doing wrong during your yoga class, weight training, or cardio classes, so you can protect your wrists from injury. Here are some tips you can try out to avoid wrist pain.

Yoga – Yoga teachers always stress the importance of spreading your fingers wide and pressing your weight into your finger tips rather than the heels of your hands. I once had a yoga teacher explain that some people naturally have better alignment if they turn their hands slightly outward so their fingers are pointing a little toward the corners of the mat. Whether it's more comfortable for you to keep your hands pointing straight forward or easier to turn them out, be sure to actively engage the tips of your fingers to strengthen the hands and release weight from the wrists. You can also try stretching your wrists before and after class.

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Weights – My high school gym teacher repeatedly urged her students to use caution when lifting weights or else we would quickly suffer the consequences. When lifting any weights or when using gym equipment, be sure your wrists are perfectly lined up with your forearms. Many people tend to bend hands toward the inside of the wrists while others collapse their wrists outward. If you are struggling through the repetitions, decrease the weight. It's better to listen to your body now and slowly work your way up to an increased weight than pay the price in corrective surgery.


Cardio Classes With Floor Work – High intensity, quick-paced cardio classes can wreck havoc on your wrists and hands if you aren't diligent. Work at your own pace to prevent injury. If placing your hands flat on the floor is too strenuous on your wrists, create fists with your hands and balance on the ground using the area between your knuckles and first joint. You can also try balancing on your forearms with your hands flat on the floor for exercises like plank and side plank.

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