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Aylish Rutherford Instagram Bloating

This Woman Took to Instagram to Prove "Bloating Happens," No Matter How Fit You Are

With more than 60,000 followers on Instagram, 20-year-old Food, Science, and Nutrition student Aylish Rutherford sets a positive example when it comes to health and fitness. You can see her incredible progress over the years (especially when it comes to booty gains), and she's always offering workout and diet tips along the way.

Aylish recently decided to address something a little different in one of her latest posts, though. She shared a side-by-side picture of herself that looked like two photos that were taken on completely different days, when in fact they were taken within four hours of each other. "left photo, after a few small meals during the day which all agreed with my digestive system," Aylish wrote. This is how she looks "on an average day."

"[R]ight photo, after a huuuge meal at KFC, eating way more than i needed (but i wanted to😏🍗)," she wrote. Aylish said she doesn't bloat very often because she doesn't normally eat huge meals, but she wants everyone to know that this kind of bloating happens from time to time, especially if you've splurged on a yummy meal or eaten more than you're normally used to. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Aylish took the time to speak with POPSUGAR about this post, which already has more than 6,000 "likes." "I think my post is relevant to women everywhere because we have all experienced bloating and felt uncomfortable about it, so I made the post to try and break the stigma around it," she said. "Bloating is only temporary and is caused by gas, large meals or a sensitive digestive system - so if you get bloated at any time during the day it's totally fine and happens to us all. It's just a change in body shape not fat gain."

If you face some bloating during your weight-loss journey, Aylish advises you not worry too much. "Results do take a long time to show, so keep consistent and trust the process," she told POPSUGAR. "Having a balanced diet (80 percent healthy and 20 percent 'naughty') with a training regime that you really enjoy, whether it be weights or cardio, is key in weight loss or muscle gain."

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