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Ayurvedic Diet Tips

Ayurvedic Diet Tips That Can Help Everyone

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system of India that offers a path to holistic living as a means of balancing the body. When you get into the specifics of Ayurveda, there are strict guidelines depending on your body type. But even so, there are general rules that anyone can follow when choosing the Ayurvedic approach to better health and eating.

  • Eat slower: By taking your time and chewing your food, your body already feels more of the process happening. In addition, you are able to fully chew your food until it is the correct consistency to be swallowed and digested. This Ayurvedic method will help you from overeating or feeling stuffed. By enjoying your meal, you are essentially slowing down the digestion process to let your system do its job in a natural state.
  • Be choosy: Opt for whole, fresh, in-season, and local foods. This Ayurvedic approach to being selective when you choose foods maintains optimal nutrition. By eating foods that are closest to their natural form, you will also help increase digestibility.
  • Watch liquids: Although strict Ayurvedic followers have a number of rules about beverages, one in particular can be considered key to digestion. Do not drink cold drinks prior to eating. This might sound strange, but it crosses other cultural eating habits, as well. Although cold liquids have not been proven to hurt the process, they certainly don't help it. Warm liquids are said to gear up your body's spleen for full functionality and can make you feel fuller quicker, so you'll end up consuming less food.
  • Variety: One key to having a more fulfilling plate is having variety in your menu choices. Rotating food groups, trying new flavors, and combining different spices into your dish are all beneficial for your daily eating habits. This is one of the main philosophies of Ayurveda that followers believe can prevent disease and illness.
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