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BBG Transformation Photos

Maggie Traded Runs For BBG and These Transformation Photos Are Amazing!

When Maggie was scrolling through Instagram, she wasn't looking for fitness or weight-loss posts. But Kayla Itsines, BBG, and the BBG community posts kept coming up in her feed. After running and not being happy with the results, Maggie says, "Kayla and her army arrived to show me that all I needed was her 28min a day program." She shares, "BBG found me and I couldn't help but fall for it."

It's been 19 months, and the transformation photos speak for themselves! Maggie has learned that "consistency and dedication doesn't have to be time consuming" and "that you can still get fit even if you're in your forties." She uses Kayla's app and does 30- to 45-minute workouts five times a week, saying that because they're so short, you can't pull the excuse that you have no time β€” you just have to make working out a priority by deliberately carving workouts into your schedule.

Maggie says there are five reasons BBG was so successful for her, and why it can work for you, too:

  1. BBG can be done at home
  2. BBG workouts are quick to complete
  3. BBG community is so empowering
  4. BBG gives women some great results
  5. BBG teaches you nutrition too

Maggie wasn't dieting like crazy or starving herself for these results. "I never ever feel really hungry cos I just keep nourishing my body nonstop." Sounds doable, huh? Eat healthy, exercise five times a week, and look β€” and more importantly feel β€” amazing! Countless women have found success with BBG, so if this sounds like it might work for you, make the commitment, take small steps every day toward your goal, and "consistency and dedication will get you there."

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