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BUTI Workout at Crunch Gym Review

How the BUTI Workout Brings On the Booty Pop

If you've been searching for a high-spirited cardio class, BUTI could be your new favorite class. LA-based founder Bizzie Gold created BUTI to be a fierce and feminine workout that combines elements of her favorite ways to get in shape: yoga and CrossFit. Dance, yoga, and plyometrics all meld to create this crazy heart-pumping class.

Even actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is a BUTI believer, which she shares in the latest issue of Shape: "BUTI has given my arms and shoulders definition and helped lift my butt too . . . and even though it's very challenging, it's so much fun!" And after taking Michelle Opperman's class at Crunch, I too am hooked.

The class starts off with a quick warmup and a fast-paced yoga flow. Then it moves through a sequence of common yoga positions (such as Chair, Warrior 1, and Downward Dog). Unlike a traditional yoga flow, instead of holding for a few breaths before moving to the next pose, you hold each position for at least eight breaths, but dancing, gyrating, and pulsing while doing so. This sequencing is broken up with spurts of dancing that help you let loose and kick your heart rate up — by far my favorite part of the class. There was also strength work that included moves like push-ups, burpees, and mountain climbers, all classic conditioning moves — just given a BUTI-ful twist.


Keep reading for my class concerns and where you can take BUTI.

My big concern with the workout is how much time is spent working one side of the body before switching to the other. Moving from Warrior 2, to Reverse Warrior, to Triangle Pose on one side — booty popping the whole way through — is not the best idea when considering the health of your joints and hips. While the music is one of my favorite elements of the workout, every single motion is so connected to the beat. A certain sense of rhythm is essential in order to keep up with the class's fast pace. In short, I would not recommend this for someone with two left feet.

The majority of the group dance classes I go to are filled to the brim with women, but this one really brought on the girl power with no holding back. Sultry moves and a whole lot of booty shaking kept things fresh, fun, and, yes, sexy. I was able to take my mind off the serious burn happening in my butt, thighs, and core by connecting with loud, powerful cardio jams blasting through the speakers.

While every teacher is a little bit different, I wholeheartedly recommend this class to yoga lovers looking to pick up the pace or former hip-hoppers looking to shake their hips. See if there's a BUTI location near you, or try the online classes available.

Source: BUTI Fitness
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