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Do You Take Back-to-Back Exercise Classes on the Weekend?

A group of friends and I decided to make this weekend a fitness-focused one, so armed with a few coupons and new student deals, we're trying out a few exercise classes around town. Between dance class and Bar Method, it can be a lot to cram into two short days, so one of my friends suggested a schedule that will have us taking classes back-to-back on both Saturday and Sunday.

As much as I wanted to see what these classes are like, at first I wasn't sure if I want to spend that much time inside when I could be enjoying the outdoors or running errands. Not only that, I was worried that scheduling classes one right after the other would leave me sore and out of breath. So I compromised by agreeing to a yoga class followed by a dance class — not too intense, so we'd still be able to enjoy ourselves.

What about you? Are you such a fan of exercise classes that you want to take as many as you can on the weekend, or would you rather get class over with so you can do other things in your day?

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