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Back-to-School Fitness Supplies For Adults

Back-to-School Supplies For Grown-Ups

Packing your own lunch not only saves you dough but can help you better manage your calories and nutrition too. Brown bags are a thing of the past! Here are three stylish ways to bring your lunch to work or campus.

  • Made from the wetsuit material neoprene, the Built Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote ($25) is stain resistant and machine washable. The insulating material will keep your nibbles cool for up to four hours.
  • You may be more likely to pack your midday meal if your lunch box looks like a purse. The Terrilynn Koko lunch bag ($26) is insulated, has a large drawstring compartment, and comes with easy-to-pack utensils.
  • Tote your meal in a two-tiered Tiffen ($25) lunch box. Made of stainless steel, you have no plastics to worry about, and the Tiffen is dishwasher safe and unbelievably lightweight.
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