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Back on Track: Check Your Sneaks

After a three-day weekend, possibly full of splurges, you want to get back on track, and let's start from the bottom up. How are your sneakers treating your feet? You should replace your running shoes every 350 to 500 miles, and you might be due. Tally up your weekly miles, multiply them by the number of weeks you have had your shoes. If you tend to forget the purchase date of your shoes, and really who has space in their brain for details like that, remember to write the purchase date on the inside of the tongue next time you buy new sneakers.

Also, take a moment and try the twist test to determine if your sneakers are shot or if they are still absorbing shock for you. If you can easily twist your shoe, their mid soles are worn out and it is time for new ones.

If your shoes failed the twist test, visit ShopStyle and start checking out some new styles.


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