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Back on Track: Start Cooking Your Steel Cut Oatmeal Tonight

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. It fires up your metabolism and sets the tone for your day. A nice warm bowl of steel cut oats is a great way to fuel up in the morning, but the 30 minute plus cooking time is a little daunting for any morning, especially Monday. However, I have a great work around to this time consuming problem. It does require a little bit of pre-planning, but I am sure you have it in you to think ahead to tomorrow's breakfast.

Before you head to bed:

  1. Boil water in a heavy saucepan – four cups for four servings of oatmeal and two cups for two.
  2. Remove water from heat when the water is a full boil. Add oats – 1 cup oats for four servings and 1/2 cup for two.
  3. Cover and forget about your pot of oats until morning. Sweet dreams.
  4. Upon waking, with the lid on bring oatmeal to a boil (at this point I usually add a fair bit of cinnamon).
  5. Once your oatmeal is boiling, remove the lid and stir occasionally for five to eight minutes, or until oatmeal is the desired thickness.

Try it tonight to start your week off right!


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