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Rock Climbing 101: Basic Gear

People ask me how to get into rock climbing, and my answer is always the same: sign up for a beginning rock climbing class, or have an experienced climber teach you. For safety reasons alone, it's not something to start naively.

Once you decide that climbing is for you and you feel comfortable using the gear that the gym provides, you'll want to invest in your own. The above products are what I call an "indoor rock climbing starter set" — solid gear made from reputable brands that are perfect for a newbie (and beyond). You need chalk to keep your hands dry, an all-around climbing shoe, and the basic devices needed to manage the ropes. And of course, a harness to keep you safe and sound. Wear loose-fitting clothes like you would to yoga — I especially love climbing in moisture-wicking clothing — and you're pretty much set. Find out more about these climbing must haves and where to buy them by clicking on the images above. See you on the ropes!

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jessr1214 jessr1214 6 years
this is very boyfriend climbs and is always after me to go with him. i have done it a couple of times before and liked it, i know this sounds weird but something about it makes me feel self-conscious. like, i'm really weak and out of shape and he's really...not and i just worry that if i go to his gym with all his friends they are all going to judge me or something :-) silly i know.
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 6 years
*sigh* I miss bouldering SO much... but I'm not in the kind of shape to get back into it just yet and my husband and I can't afford the ~$55 per person to renew our membership... :(
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