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7 Strength Training Moves You Can Do in the Bathroom

The title of this post might make you cringe if you're picturing getting on the floor of a teeny public bathroom stall to drop and "give me 20," but I assure you, these moves are totally clean, since they're best saved for your bathroom at home. You visit the ladies room for other reasons besides relieving yourself, so take it as an opportunity to multitask and fit in a few minutes of fitness. Here are some ideas:

  1. Walk on your heels while brushing your teeth. It'll prevent shin splints and cavities.
  2. Do side leg lifts while flossing.
  3. Whenever you visit the ladies room, after using the toilet, put the seat down and do a set of triceps dips.
  4. After washing your hands, do 20 counter push-ups.
  5. Do calf raises while blow-drying your hair.
  6. Do some booty kicks while putting sunscreen on your face, chest, and arms.
  7. Do squats while applying your makeup.

Can you think of any other toning exercises you can do in the bathroom? If so, share them below.

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sherina sherina 6 years
They all sound good except the last one; I can't see being able to put my makeup on properly while also doing squats. I'd probably wind up with mascara in my eye or lip gloss on my nose. :D
ericaamber ericaamber 6 years
I do calf raises while brushing my teeth but my favorite trick is doing three different type. First point your toes in, heels out and do 10 raises, Then toes out and heels in and do 10 raises, then do 10 normal ones (feet parallel). This way you work all the sides of your calf muscles!!
Jenny-Sugar Jenny-Sugar 6 years
My husband laughs at me doing squats in the bathroom, but hey, I'm just standing there, so I might as well work my legs!
jesikah85 jesikah85 6 years
This is so funny to read. I have a vanity counter in my bathroom at work and I try to do a different set of exercises each day! I thought I was the only one! I do push ups, squats, lunges and calf raises. I figure every little bit helps, especially when I have a desk job! Thanks Jenny!
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