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Battle of the Frozen Yogurt Hot Spots

Every once and a while something comes around that grabs the attention of Hollywood's hottest A-listers. What is it this time?

Frozen yogurt. Yup, Hollywood is bringing frozen yogurt back (yay). Not one, but two hot spots are attracting quite the following of folks looking for a sweet treat that is actually good for you and not jam packed with calories.

Berri Good Kosher Frozen Yogurt is rich in calcium, but there is so much more. It also claims to "boost immune system, prevents acne and builds clear skin, builds strong bones and teeth, prevents bacteria in intestine and promotes good digestive system." Berri Good is not only Kosher, but also eco-friendly. Among others, Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Bar Rafaeli are serious Berri Good followers. Berri Good says that it's, "Probably the best tasting non fat frozen yogurt in this world." Probably, if Leo eats it, I bet it's more than probably the best.

One ounce of the other yogurt in Tinseltown, pinkberry, has only 25 calories, 0 grams of fat, 35 mg of sodium and 6 grams of carbs. Some of the locations are known for their hour long lines -- Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, David Hasselhoff and many others have been spotted picking up some yogurt from here. Pinkberry says, "Pinkberry is yogurt, pure and simple."

Anyone tried either? Which do you prefer?

Leo and Bar images courtesy of Celebrity Babylon

Join The Conversation
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 9 years
Pinkberry, oh yeah! :)
serena serena 10 years
tatti33 - wait, what's the controversy over pinkberry? please inform us!
Hope5 Hope5 10 years
Doesn't sound good to me!
tati33 tati33 10 years
berri good sounds goood..especially with new controversy over what is really in pinkberry?
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 10 years
I haven't had fro-yo in AGES. I have been meaning too but I've been shrinking away out of worry over the calorie/sugar levels. But if neither are so bad, maybe I will step into a frozen yogurt shop sometime soon!
ash_marisa ash_marisa 10 years
personally i think TCBY is just fine for me! small white chocolate mousse low fat froyo with raspberries keys in at under 200 calories. :)
lanamia lanamia 10 years
Pinkberry and it's competitors have 25 calories per OUNCE. It's about 8 ounces for a medium (which is their most tauted size because the small with 3 toppings costs more than the medium with 3 toppings) making the yogurt 200 calories not including the fruit. You can find the recipe on this blog post:
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 10 years
I want to try pinkberry SO badly. I hope they find a way to sell online. It'd probably be pretty expensive to ship it in temp. control, but it's cheaper than a round trip plane ticket.
gurl858 gurl858 10 years
Eww Pinkberry is so gross. I don't understand why people wait in line for this stuff. It's really sour tasting, so I guess if your into that you would enjoy it.
ash_marisa ash_marisa 10 years
to bad if your not in cali this is pretty much a no go
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