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Beach Reading Recommendation: Locker Room Diaries

Looking for a good book to read while kicking back on the beach. Well here's a book that should do the trick - Locker Room Diaries. It is, in some ways, an anthropological study of the culture of women's locker room, and I found it fascinating. The subtitle sums the book up well: The Naked Truth about Women, Body Image, and Re-imagining the "Perfect" Body. Author Leslie Goldman has a MPH, so professionally she's got the authority to write on the subject. As a woman that battled an eating disorder and came out the other side, she's got personal cred as well.

The book recounts the rituals of the gym locker room: the weigh-in, the steam room, the continual conversation women have with themselves and others about their bodies, most often what they hate and want to change. Goldman interviewed many women on body image, often wearing only a towel herself - in this setting the interviews are quite candid. The chapter on breasts titled "Booby Trapped," is especially enlightening on the relationship women have with their own breasts.

Other chapters are equally engaging on subjects like eating disorders, the pregnant body, waxing, steam room etiquette, and ethnicity and body image. This book would make an excellent beach read, since you can open it up and just start reading on any page, the subject matter just pulls you in.

It is now out in paperback and you can buy it from Barnes and Noble for $13.95. Or better yet, why not take a stroll to your local book store and see if they have it on their shelf. You will get some exercise, save on shipping and decrease your carbon foot print just a little bit too.

lrgoldman34 lrgoldman34 10 years
Hi everyone! What a fabulous treat to be featured on one of my very favorite sites...I am a FitSugar girl all the way. Thanks so much for your comments and compliments and I hope you love the book. Keep up the awesome writing, SUGAR!! xoxo, Leslie "Locker Room" Goldman
Chickonspeed Chickonspeed 10 years
oops : I mispelled " When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies" !
Chickonspeed Chickonspeed 10 years
May I also recommend "The Beauty Myth" by Naomi Wolf and "When Women Stop Hating Their Boding" by Hirschmann & Munter ? For more books alike, check some listmanias on amazon ;-)
Pink_Lipstick Pink_Lipstick 10 years
I'm definitely going to have to pick up this book; it sounds really interesting!
melda melda 10 years
i read her weblog on ivillage diet n fitness she writes really good
qtpye0831 qtpye0831 10 years
I just ordered the book off Amazon for $3.00!! Thanks for the recommendation! I also purchased the book mentioned a few weeks ago "Skinny Bitch"..I must say it is hilarious, as every other word is a curse and has a unique way of turning medical talk into material suited for everyone. My favorite line, "Let's face it; there is no greater pleasure than taking a big, steamy dump," which appropriately is from the chapter titled "Pooping." While I can't say that this book will help me and most other lose weight simply because they advocate organic everything and even go on to say that milk, coffee, everything pretty bad for you, it is very informative and touches on subjects that haven't been brought up in other diet plans. I'll check back when I am finished reading "Locker Room Diaries." Just an FYI, if you are interested in the whole topic of eating disorders HBO made a fabulous documentary called "Thin," which features the stories of a few women that are in rehab struggling with different eating disorders. It shows that even though someone might not be really skinny, it does not mean that they don't have a really severe eating disorder. There is also a really good book called "Life Without Ed" which is about girls in recovery from their eating disorders. A truly powerful book. Even though I don't think I have an eating disorder, I think all of us women have what is called disordered eating, and I think its important that we all become aware of it and educate ourselves. Education is the best way to overcome anything, so start reading! Knowledge is power :-) -Brianne
HistoryGeek913 HistoryGeek913 10 years
I must add this to my to-read list as well. I've got serious body image issues, and it would be nice to get some perspective on the whole phenomenon.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
Oooo! I'm going to put this on my to-read list!
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