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Beach Workout Ideas

Burn Major Calories at the Beach With These Ideas

A true beach bum at heart, I'll use any excuse to get near the sand and ocean. As much as I love laying in the sun and watching the waves roll in, I still enjoy a good workout at the beach — there's nothing quite like feeling the sand between your toes — especially when running in the sand burns 30 percent more calories! If you're already gearing up for sunny weather like I am, here are some tips when taking your workouts to the beach.

  • Beach running 101: From choosing the right shoes and going barefoot, to starting on wet sand and protecting yourself from harmful UV rays, here's how to get the most out of running on the beach.
  • Barefoot walking: As I mentioned above, I love feeling the sand between my toes, especially while running, but did you know that walking barefoot in the sand does wonders for the muscles in your feet and your calves? That's because it's so much more difficult than walking on a flat surface, so you're guaranteed to give these muscles a serious workout and burn more calories!
  • Activities to burn calories on the beach: Aside from running, there are many calorie-burning beach activities you and your family can take part in on days you head to the beach. Go for a swim, try out surfing, or play a game of beach volleyball. You could even give your upper arms some nice cardio by building a sand castle — as we all know from our youth, stacking sand ain't easy!
  • Full-body shape-up: Learn these total-body-shaping moves now, and then grab your yoga mat and head to the beach. These deceptively simple moves will have you feeling the burn while you tone up every inch of your body.
  • Calorie-torching moves: These exercises are fun and burn serious calories. Get ready to get your heart rate up with these three moves you can do in the sand.
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