Show Off Your Shoulders With These Go-To Exercises From a Beachbody Trainer

Jun 26 2018 - 9:45am

Whether you want to rock a cold-shoulder top [1] or wear a sexy off-the-shoulder dress [2], your shoulders are on full display in the Summer. And if you're focusing on your biceps and triceps, you might be ignoring Summer's most on-display muscle; you can carve out sexy, toned shoulders with a few exercises.

Joel Freeman, Beachbody [3] super trainer and creator of the new lifting program called LIIFT4 [4], told POPSUGAR some of his favorite bodyweight and dumbbell moves for your shoulders. The best part about the dumbbell moves is that you can also do them with resistance bands, a great option for at-home workouts or travel.

Joel recommends doing three sets of 10 reps for each exercise. If you're new to working your upper body, he said women should start with between five and 20-pound dumbbells. Try these four moves as a circuit to tone up your shoulders [6] and show them off all season long.

Dumbbell Side Arm Raise

Here's a basic yet effective move to target your shoulders.

Wide Arm Push-Up

"A wide push-up, hands just outside the shoulders, is a great way to work [your shoulders]," Joel told POPSUGAR.

Overhead Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Front Arm Raise

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