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Beast Mode Grandma Instagram

We Just Discovered Beast Mode Grandma and You Deserve to Know About Her

Sometimes in the endless scroll through your phone's photostream of other people's lives, you happen upon some treasure. Today's treasure came in the form of @BeastModeGrandma, by way of #GrandmasWhoLift (yes, it's a thing; no, don't ask us how we got there).

BMG is actually 62-year-old Sue, self-proclaimed "fitness convert" who "loves to lift heavy stuff." The 'grams you see before you are just a couple jewels in the treasure trove that is her account. Apparently Sue started her journey about four years ago, and fitness changed her life. She has impeccable taste in pants and she's strong as hell!

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Feeling Pretty Grateful Today ! Life is full of Surprises... For me probably the biggest ones are connected to the seemingly unending opportunities and support I have received, and am receiving for the pursuit of my goals. All because I made that one small change just over 4 years ago that started with a change in mindset and linked me to so many amazing and generous people. This really is an Amazing Freight Train of Awesomeness I am on ! Thank you @tallpaulfitness @tallpaullifestyle @tycspin @drlendvoy @steelyspringham @powherhouse @bodyenergyclub @fitcosgrove_ for helping me make things happen ! Thankful to be featured @thecandyshow @impactmagcanada 📷 @michelemphotog Newest Blog posted ! Link in bio

A post shared by Sue Spencer (Beastmodegrandma) (@liftyouupcoaching) on

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