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Snapping You Out of "Sugar-Stupidity"

The following post was written by New York-based trainer David Kirsch.

You know the feeling when you've rendered yourself "sugar stupid"?! It’s that semi-comatose state triggered by a period of overindulging in sweets, carbs, or alcohol. The physical result: a feeling of extreme lethargy, crankiness, bloating, and a craving for more sugary carbs — exactly what you don’t need at the given moment.

In the mental fog, compose yourself. Your willpower may be at a low, but don’t give up. Halloween is over so take my advice and snap out of that sugar-induced coma.

  1. Eat Protein — it’s an essential nutrient for shutting off your brain’s hunger mechanism. Best options: Skinless chicken breast, fresh roast turkey, egg white frittata or a protein shake. Include fiber-rich vegetables with your dish. Aim for five mini-meals in your day to fight off festivity fatigue.
  2. Rehydrate with plenty of water to help flush out any excess.

David has a few more tips so keep reading.

  1. Exercise for at least, 30 minutes. Do something — anything — to get your blood moving. Walking, running, jump roping, shadow boxing. Choose your favorite cardio or cardio-sculpting boot camp.
  2. Get an extra hour (or two) of sleep. You may need extra time to rest after a night of partying; plus, research shows that people who don’t get enough sleep are likely to give in to cravings.
  3. On the first week of November, my advice to you: instead of allowing Halloween to set off a downward spiral, step up your wellness program — and keep it in check through to the end of the year!

For more tips, recipes, and workouts, be sure to check out all of David's posts here on FitSugar.

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bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 6 years
You and me both Sonia!
Soniabonya Soniabonya 6 years
good advice. over indulged in the Giants celebration last night...... @_@ feel like i've been hit by a mac truck.
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