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Beer Breakdown

When you go out for a night on the town or a slice of pizza, you're bound to order yourself a beer. There are tons, and I means TONS to choose from. It's good to know how many carbs, calories, and alcohol content is in each 12 oz glass. Here's a list of the the most popular ones...

Amstel Light - 5 carbs, 95 cals, 3.5% alcohol
Anchor Steam - 16 carbs, 153 cals, 4.9% alcohol
Budweiser - 10.6 carbs, 145 cals, 5% alcohol
Bud Light - 6.6 carbs, 110 cals, 4.2% alcohol
Budweiser Select - 3.1 carbs, 99 cals, 4.3% alcohol
Busch Light - 6.7 carbs, 110 cals, 4.2% alcohol
Coors Light - 5 carbs, 102 cals, 4.2% alcohol
Corona Light - 5 carbs, 105 cals, 4.5% alcohol
Guinness - 17.6 carbs, 194 cals, 6% alcohol
Harpoon IPA - 15 carbs, 170 cals, 5.9% alcohol
Heineken - 9.8 carbs, 166 cals, 5.4% alcohol
Heineken Light - 6.8 carbs, 99 cals, 3.5% alcohol
Magic Hat #9 - 12 carbs, 146 cals, 4.6% alcohol
Michelob - 13.3 carbs, 155 cals, 5% alcohol
Michelob Ultra - 2.6 carbs, 95 cals, 4.1% alcohol

We're only half way through the alphabet. So if you want to learn about Sam Adam's

Miller Genuine Draft - 13.1 carbs, 143 cals, 5% alcohol
Miller Light - 3.2 carbs, 96 cals, 4.2% alcohol
Milwaukee's Best Ice - 7.3 carbs, 144 cals, 5.9% alcohol
O'Douls - 13.3 carbs, 70 cals, .4% alcohol
Pabst Blue Ribbon - 12 carbs, 153 cals, 5% alcohol
Pete's Wicked Ale - 17.7 carbs, 174 cals, 5.3% alcohol
Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat - 16.9 carbs, 166 cals, 5.2% alcohol
Sam Adams Light - 9.7 carbs, 124 cals, 4% alcohol
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot - 24.6 carbs, 295 cals, 9.6% alcohol

Wow, and I thought all beers were the same. You already know to drink responsibly - now you can be healthy about it too.

Join The Conversation
Jaws3883 Jaws3883 9 years
Becks Light is only 64 calories!!
rubialala rubialala 10 years
My husband loves Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. In fact, he was ordering our son a kid's meal at the drive through tonight and asked for a Sierra Nevada instead of a Sierra Mist. :LOL:
Fancy04 Fancy04 10 years
lol fitnessgirl.
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
I love beer but try not to drink it since it has so many calories and carbs. I call it liquid bread.
DStirk DStirk 10 years
i dont even know what the sierra nevado bigfoot is but i def wont be drinking it if i see it... jeez
classy classy 10 years
What about the Canadian beers?
Emma Emma 10 years
ooo i am going to need to print that out!!!!!
Moni-B Moni-B 10 years
It's funny because dauschounds really do like beer. :-) I used to have one that looked just like that. ~M~
mschmidt mschmidt 10 years
What about VT Micro brews?
JessNess JessNess 10 years
I love seeing all these girls at school who think they are sooo hot but they have beer bellies because people drink beer here like they do water I like to go to overseas places- like Canada! -Britney Spears
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