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Before-and-After Postpartum Weight Loss

Dani's 5-Month Transformation Wasn't What She Hoped, but She's "Damn Proud"

Dani Guy's second postpartum journey was going a little "slower" than her first postpregnancy weight loss, and initially she felt disappointed. "I had lost 10kgs [22 pounds] in 12 weeks. This time around I've lost 5 in 14 weeks," she said in her caption. But it didn't take her long to snap out of her sadness.

"I should be jumping for joy at all the hard work I am putting in, all the progress I have made and how f*cking great I feel. I shouldn't be upset just because it's taking a bit slower." AMEN! She noted that it can be hard to keep a positive mindset with the pressure from our culture and the media. "I'm only human, I have times of self doubt too, just like most people. I'm only human to still care about my appearance, although what's on the inside is more important to me."

She called attention to said pressure, saying, "There's already SO much pressure within the health and fitness industry. Am I eating healthily enough? Am I working out enough? Should I count macros? Should I count calories? Should I do a cleanse? Should I do more of what that persons [sic] doing?" It's true — there are so many aspects and facets of our health and well-being that we're constantly questioning, so even a great victory (like the one Dani achieved) can feel small or insignificant. Her beautiful post is a friendly (yet still in-your-face) reminder that we all need to celebrate ourselves and our journeys a little bit more.

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