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Being Lonely is Bad for Your Health

No one likes to be lonely. Now, not only is it not fun, it's also really bad for you, healthwise.

It is being reported that loneliness may accelerate the rate of physical decline that occurs naturally with age. Later in life, lonely people appear to have significantly higher blood pressure than the non-lonely. What's more? Being lonely may also affect the quality of your sleep. Jeez, talk about a big bummer.

I don't know about you, but I'm certainly not looking to speed up the aging process anytime soon so let's get out and start moving to combat aging and loneliness. Socialize. Go to the gym. Join a group exercise class or mommy stroller group. And if helping yourself doesn't work, then help somebody else -- Volunteer. Instead of trying to fill your own needs, you may even find that your needs are met by meeting somebody else's needs. There are lots of ways you can be active all while helping out somebody else, so check out all my "ACT"ivism ideas here.


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