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Benefits of Child's Pose

4 Reasons Why Taking the Child's Pose Isn't Just For Kids

Child's Pose (Sanskrit: Balasana) is a comforting and rejuvenating asana that sometimes gets a bad rap. I am here to set the record straight: there is absolutely nothing weak about taking Child's Pose when you need to take a break — there is great strength in knowing exactly what your body needs. If you've ever had a strange internal dialogue where you wouldn't allow yourself to take Child's Pose — even though you knew it would be amazing! — keep on reading.

  1. Taking a break does not mean you're giving up: I, for one, have definitely fallen victim to this thought. Instead of being concerned about where everyone else in the room is at (or thinking), do what feels right for your body in the moment. Sometimes it means working your way through another Vinyasa, sometimes it means you've got to just take a Downward Dog, and sometimes it means you deserve a long Child's Pose.
  2. You'll get a chance to reconnect with your breath: If you have a tendency to get a little lost in your mind, then Child's Pose is a great way to come back to big, stable breaths (pranayama). Trying to twist your body into a new shape will simply not happen unless your pranayama is helping you be productive on your mat. Sometimes just a handful of full-bodied breaths in Child's Pose can change the rest of your practice for the better.
  3. Solid rest is integral to your practice: There's a good reason why after an active headstand you should always take Child's Pose! Your body needs a shot to stabilize and get back to equilibrium — and it's not a one-size-fits-all rule. Everyone has their own personal yoga journey and their own personal point (or pose) where rest is simply necessary. Regardless of when you need to take a break, periods of rest will only enhance your relationship with yoga.
  4. It feels amazing: Restorative Child Pose is there to rejuvenate and bring back your energy. Taking a moment to stretch your arms out long and sit toward your heels is like giving your whole body a great big hug. And I, for one, could always use more of those.

Any other reason you love Child's Pose? Share below!

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Gerry2499590 Gerry2499590 5 years
when i started practicing yoga, the main mantra given me was "listen to your body", which was refreshing to me coming from "no pain, no gain" mentality!!! it gave me permission to relax and not be so when my body needs a "chill", child pose is always welcomed!!
Elle2499577 Elle2499577 5 years
I like to place my arms by my side at times, so I can really let my shoulders sink and relax as well!
Pamela2499557 Pamela2499557 5 years
Last I year, i was going through a very stressful time.  When I went to yoga, i would participate alongside everyone else.  However, when I felt the need to love on myself, I would go into child's pose.  It made me feel safe and warm, like I was in my mother's womb and I did cry to alleviate the stress. I did not care what others thought.  I had to take care of myself and this was one way of channeling my emotions.  
KWM KWM 5 years
Amen to this! Child' pose is my favorite :)
stilllearning2b stilllearning2b 5 years
Thank you.  That is good advice: on the mat and off.  I often need the reminder that it is okay (and often beneficial) to take a break.
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