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The Benefits of Trying an Elimination Diet

5 Things You'll Learn About Yourself When You Go on a Cleanse

5 Things You'll Learn About Yourself When You Go on a Cleanse
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Feeling tired, bloated, and lethargic from the holidays? Many people think going on a cleanse in January is a good post-party solution for dropping unwanted pounds fast. But going on an elimination diet — where you remove certain foods, like anything with gluten, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol and focus on eating only fresh, whole foods — is more than about fitting into smaller jeans. While all-juice cleanses can be calorie restricting, a proper elimination diet ensures you eat enough of these nutritious foods to stay healthy (read more about what to expect on an elimination diet here). So if it's not about weight loss, why should you cleanse? Read on for reasons to try an elimination diet!

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Cupcakes84 Cupcakes84 5 years
The elmination diet sounds fine, but I *hate* when people treat juice cleanses as the one all cure! You deprieve yourself of proper nutrients and you screw up your metabolism in the long run. No need for juice cleanses--your kidneys and liver get rid of the toxins naturally :)
1296156 1296156 5 years
I recently just did a 3-day juice cleanse by Nekter! I loved it! Don't get me wrong it was very difficult not to give into temptation - but I stayed strong! It didn't help me kick my sweet tooth for long but it has made me much more aware of what I put in my body ... and I have A LOT more energy and feel much better!
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