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Benefits of Walking Lunges

Your Butt-Toning Secret: Walking Lunges

Want a move that helps you look great in your skinny jeans? Add walking lunges to your workout mix, says trainer Jennifer Pattee, owner of Basic Training. "What I love about lunges is you get a lot of bang for your buck," she says. "It's a dynamic stretch, so as you're lunging you're preparing your body for movement, but you're also lunging your body weight up and down so its also resistance training. And it's also helping strengthen ligaments and muscles around your joints."

Besides toning your legs and helping your balance, walking lunges are an amazing move for lifting and shaping your backside, Jennifer adds. "It's a great way for women to tone the butt, to get that kind of shelf butt," she says. "Normally you can't really spot reduce and it's hard to really tone specific muscle groups, but that one works."

When doing a lunge, Jennifer recommends you put your weight in your heel as you come down into a lunge, and lift your toes up as you're stepping back up from a lunge in order to make the move more effective. Add bicep curls to the mix for a total-body move you can do anywhere. Learn how to do a walking lunge here.

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