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We know Beachbody as a trustworthy platform that provides effective workout programs and diet plans. And pretty soon, Beachbody will be releasing its very first Spanish language program! It's called Mes de Más (month of more), and it was created by powerhouse trainer Idalis Velazquez. We chatted with Idalis about her new program and the nutrition component that comes along with it.

Mes de Más is a "smart and effective month-long program" with six workouts a week, which includes one rest and recovery session, and it's mostly a mix of bodyweight movements, while also giving you the option to use dumbbells or a sandbag. When it comes to nutrition, it's all about eating clean, whole foods — without depriving yourself of what you love.

We asked Idalis to tell us about the biggest mistake she sees people make with their diets when they're trying to lose weight. Her answer was simple: "eliminating entire food groups, and restricting yourself." She told POPSUGAR, "Nutrition is obviously the most important thing, but for someone for like myself who had to change those habits — I grew up not eating vegetables, and my nutrition was extremely mindless — what people forget is that this is behavioral and emotional, especially for people who struggle with weight loss."


So rather than swearing off carbs or saying you'll never have a cookie again, Idalis encourages you to practice moderation. "My approach is not anything like low-calorie. My program is about adding something every week, so every week they're going to have a tracker, like how much water [they drink], how many portions of veggies [they eat], and focus on component adding, so that way you see a more positive change."

Idalis told POPSUGAR that most people "just haven't established that good relationship with food" yet, so it's all about looking at food in a more positive light. Because there's nothing wrong with having a cookie every now and then!

Image Source: Beachbody
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