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Look Your Tallest and Most Gorgeous With These Exercises

Aug 3 2015 - 10:40am

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If you're sticking to the same old workout routine, you might be neglecting important parts of your body. The result? Muscle imbalances, which can make you look shorter and less confident than you really are! Even worse, these imbalances can lead to injuries, muscle tightness, and uncomfortable pain. Keep your body functioning well — and look your most gorgeous, confident best — by incorporating these exercises that fix body imbalances into your strength-training routine.


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This basic move is essential for correcting posture and imbalances that could slow you down as years go on. "The deadlift is a must-have skill to keep your independence," says Tim Rich, a personal training manager at Crunch [1]. "Proper loading of the spinal column will keep you active and mobile in the later years. You will always have to pick things up for the rest of your life."

Wood Chop

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This functional move can be performed with weights, a medicine ball, or the cable pulley machine. It's an amazing way to work your entire body, especially your side core muscles, the obliques. Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson loves the wood chop, since it works many different muscles at once. "I don't do that many isolation movements, like single-joint stuff," Gunnar says. "I do bigger movements." He suggests you try this exercise with a rear or side lunge (see below).


To do the wood chop with the cable pulley machine [4]:

Side Lunge

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Lateral lunges help improve your balance and work neglected lower-body muscles while still targeting the major ones. They are also easier on your knees than traditional squats and lunges. If you are doing this move together with the wood chop, lunge to the side as you are pulling the cable down to the outside of your knee.


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Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak uses this simple exercise to help untrain a lifetime of imbalances created from sitting at your desk all day or doing traditional exercises like crunches. "If everyone really focused more on the muscles behind their body rather than the front, people would look a lot better," Harley says. "They would have a longer midsection, they'd have [fewer] injuries, better posture, [and] a natural boob lift."


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The classic bridge targets the abs and butt while opening up the chest, which can need a stretch if you spend a lot of time at a desk.

Tipping Row

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Another back-strengthening exercise to help you stand tall, the tipping row also helps tone triceps, work your core, and challenge your balance. Rowing moves are important, especially if you've been doing too many push-ups and have tight pecs, which round your shoulders and can lead to injury [8]. Add this move to your arsenal, and you'll be working your entire body while focusing on your posterior muscles — from your hamstrings and butt to your upper back.

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