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Best Exercises to Prevent Injury

Best Injury-Preventing Exercises

Best Exercises to Prevent Injury

As anyone whose hobby involves physical activity knows, you can't expect your body to operate in tip-top shape without a little coaxing. Only running or cycling, for example, makes you more prone to painful injuries that can leave you nursing your condition on the couch instead of out there doing what you love. We've rounded up the best stretches and exercises to help you prehab before catastrophe happens. Pick a few from each common injury group to help stay out of the doctor's office and happily in the gym or on the road.

[Weak Ankles][Knee Pain] [IT Band Syndrome] [Tight Hamstrings] [Lower-Back Pain] [Shin Splints] [Plantar Fasciitis]

— Additional reporting by Lizzie Fuhr and Jenny Sugar

Source: Shutterstock / Warren Goldswain

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