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Best Fitness Products July 2013

On the Go: Our July Fitness Must Haves

For a quick energy boost before or during workouts, I've been snacking on Sharkies — I am partial to the mixed berry flavor, but watermelon and tropical fruit are tasty too. Made from organic and vegan ingredients, Sharkies are a healthy candy spiked with some essential electrolytes. One package is 140 calories and provides 110 mg. of sodium, 30 mg. of potassium, and 17 g. of sugar. Free of high fructose corn syrup, they're easy to digest and not too sweet. One pouch fits nicely into the back pocket of a cycling jersey, making Sharkies a perfect treat on longer rides.

You can find them at REI ($2 per packet) or buy them in bulk from the Sharkies website store for a discount.

— Susi May, fitness director

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