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Best Free Weight Loss Apps

Phone It In: Free Apps to Help You Drop Pounds

If you're one of those people who is constantly on her phone, texting, tweeting, emailing, and snapping pics for Instagram, why not use your phone time to help you slim down? There are tons of iPhone apps to keep track of your calories consumed and calories burned, that can offer the support and motivation needed to follow through with your weight-loss goals. Here's a list of a few that won't cost you a dime.

  • Lose It!: Fill in some important info about yourself, including age, height, current weight, goal weight, and how many pounds you want to lose per week and you're ready to go. The app tells you how many calories you should have each day to meet your weight-loss goal, and also keeps track of the calories you consume each day and the calories you lose via exercise. The "My Day" feature gives you a quick snapshot of your day, how many calories you've consumed and burned, and how many cals you have left. Easy to use and easy to read.
  • Diet and Weight Loss Tracker by Calorie Count: Just sign in to the app by the popular website, and you're ready to start logging the foods you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It also keeps track of the calories burned from exercise, how much water you drink, and how much you weigh. Basic and easy to use, a great little bonus is the featured articles that includes healthy recipes and weight-loss tips for inspiration.
  • CalorieKing Food Search: Counting calories only works if you have accurate amounts. Use this app to type in any food and find out just how many calories those nibbles are costing you.
  • Easy Weight Loss Tips: We could always use more advice on how to lose weight, and this little app offers quick diet, exercise, and nutrition tips to help you on your quest, such as, "Keep a bowl of cut-up vegetables in a see-through container in the refrigerator."
  • Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary: After setting up your profile (including current weight and weight-loss goal), a menu pops up where you can log daily meals, workouts, daily weight, and water consumption. What's great is you can search their huge food database of over 400,000+ foods or scan an item's bar code to keep track of meals and snacks, and it quickly calculates how many calories you have left to enjoy that day. You can also search popular exercise activities, enter the amount of time, and it records the calories you burn. Simple and easy to use, there's also an option to share your successes on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal: After adding in essential personal info like height, birth date, current weight, goal weight, and how many workouts you do a week, you register for an account and you're ready to start tracking your meals on your phone. Search the database or scan a food's bar code, and the homepage shows how many calories you've consumed, how many you've burned, and how many you have left for the day. You can also add friends to keep you motivated and view updates on their progress on the bottom of the homepage. Straightforward and easy to use.
  • Weight Recorder: Simple and straightforward, just plug in your weight, whether you weigh yourself once a day or once a week, and it'll chart your progress.
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