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In This Powerful Video About Body Image, 2 Friends Share Their Greatest Insecurities

As terrible as it is, we all have some things we hate about our bodies. In the movie Mean Girls, queen bee Regina George complained about her huge pores, but was grossed out when the only negative thought Cady Heron had about herself was her morning breath. The truth is, we are so much harder on ourselves than we are on the people closest to us. We don't treat our friends harshly the way Regina George did, but somehow we manage to treat ourselves worse.

Producers from The Scene wanted to bring attention to the horrible way we treat ourselves by recruiting two best friends to sit next to each other and write down things they don't like about their own bodies. Alyssa has struggled with anorexia and her best friend Tiffany struggles with body image, but hearing their negative thoughts out loud takes their relationship with each other and their relationships with themselves to a new level.

In the video above, originally shared last year, the women read through their lists, depicting their biggest insecurities and it's painful. It's painful for Alyssa and Tiffany, and it's incredibly eyeopening for the viewers. "Wow, I am hurting myself so much all the time," Alyssa told her friend a week after recording the video.

The girls hold hands and agree that moving forward they need to pretend they are talking to each other while thinking these negative thoughts. The video ends with a final note and a powerful point: "Why do we say things to ourselves that we wouldn't ever say to (or think about) our best friends? Be a best friend to yourself."

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