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What's Your Favorite Fitness Gym For 2012?

When staying healthy is a goal, a lot of time is spent at the gym. But with so many options popping up in cities all over the country, the process of finding the perfect fitness center can be a little daunting. Between all the class options, equipment, and other amenities, we want to know: which of these gyms was your favorite place to work out last year?

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TheLittleMonster TheLittleMonster 4 years
Gold's for life :) It's my first and only gym membership. I know everyone there, and they are so nice and helpful. I never, ever want to go anywhere else.
Gctemily Gctemily 4 years
Best gym is PedalNYC. A fabulous boutique gym offering spin, TRX, Core, and their signature class 30/30(30 minutes of spin followed by 30 minutes of kick ass TRX). Very personalized, they take a sincere interest in each members progress and offer great motivation. No judgements, very supportive, but classes are tough, challenging, and leave you wanting more! Great for the novice or the pro. Love PedalNYC!
Michelle3448246 Michelle3448246 4 years
I run outside and do barre3 plus when raining use the treadmill at the Y
sideculture sideculture 4 years
I wish there were more options in Hawai'i to try. I've heard to many great things about places like Bally, Crunch, Equinox, Life Time Fitness & Plant Fitness. Other than they Y, which I voted for above, the only gym chains we have here (that I know of) are 24 Hour Fitness and Curves.
Amosfamous Amosfamous 4 years
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